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K.I.N.D Ambassador Program

Kids Initiating Nice Deeds

Providing children an opportunity to care for each other in ways that go above and beyond their normal interactions allows them to grow and thrive in ways they may never have considered possible.

Our newly established K.I.N.D. Ambassador program will create a culture of kindness, respect, and positive engagement within schools, families, and throughout the community.

Every month, students in each classroom within all grade levels will vote for a student who they believe has provided the most kindness throughout the month. The student with the most votes will be named the K.I.N.D. Ambassador. They will be given a white awareness bracelet embossed with the words K.I.N.D. Ambassador and Sojihuggles’ logo.

At the end of the school year, the child in each grade level who is voted most kind for the year will receive a K.I.N.D. Ambassador certificate along with a $100 scholarship.

Contact Us to learn more or if you’d like to become a sponsor of this program.