The Air Force Community Partnership (AFCP) Program has proven to enhance communication and collaboration between military installations and their neighboring communities.

We have established an outreach program with the Air Force to provide necessary items to our men and women actively in service in remote areas around the globe. Scouts BSA Troop 1150 is helping us in this collaboration by collecting toiletries and other items.

As an adjunct to our K.I.N.D. Ambassador program, Sussex County students in grades K-12 are writing letters to the service men and women that will be delivered with the items on a quarterly basis.

Sojihuggles’ goal, as we collaborate with the Air Force and partner with other groups and organizations, is to foster kindness and compassion, thereby eliminating bullying and reducing stress and anxiety so our kids can enjoy a more peaceful existence, which is in alignment with the mission of the Air Force to share resources, information, and unify the civic-base community.

While much attention has been focused on forming partnerships with states or local governments, engaging industry on certain matters of mutual interest as part of the program can also be valuable under the appropriate circumstances. In these cases, it is important to keep in mind that any effort to engage industry must adhere to the Air Force’s ethical standards and comply with federal laws and regulations on procurement and ethical conduct.

Contact Us if you’d like to become a sponsor of this program or for a list of current drop-off locations.