I am lucky enough to help Sojihuggles get donations right to the children that need it. Working for a local food pantry, we have identified families with children right in the area that need help in so many ways. With the help of Sojihuggles, we can provide these children with the food and other necessities that help them stay healthy both physically and mentally. We are excited to be able to provide Kid-friendly foods, school supplies, holiday treats, etc. It is a joy to be able to see and feel the gratitude of both the parents and the children when they come to pick up their items! I wish that all donors to the organization could see their faces and get their hugs of gratitude!

SanWoz – Client Served

Every child deserves healthy food, clean clothing and the best chance for a successful future. But too many children, even right here in Sussex County, N.J., aren't getting the necessities they need.

Sojihuggles Children's Foundation is doing its part to help these children in need. Sojihuggles, a 501(c) (3) organization donates 100% of its proceeds to causes and activities worthy of these funds, truly changing the way our children live. Whether it is donating food to a local pantry so no child goes hungry, or providing diapers, pajamas or coats to our children who are walking around in the middle of winter without coats on their backs, Sojihuggles is doing all it can to improve the quality of life for these children and their families. The organization not only provides these important items but is helping to improve their self-confidence, attendance and acceptance at school, and improving their overall wellness and well being.

I am pleased to serve as a volunteer for this organization and I find great comfort knowing that the children in need in Sussex County are being helped in some way. I believe that true kindness lies within the act of giving and without the expectation of something in return. Sojihuggles Children's Foundation does just that.

Sccofcpres1 – Volunteer

I have chosen to donate to Sojihuggles Children's Foundation for a number of reasons. The foundation is run by volunteers and ALL money goes to help children who live locally. The help being given has been carefully chosen to fill a void – for example, eye exams and glasses, diapers, vouchers to a Laundromat and lunches for those in need but not eligible for free lunches. I encourage others to donate to this worthy cause.

Jcstelgauf – Donor

Integrity, compassion and accountability are hallmarks of this organization and it is a true charity! I could never fully say enough about all the good they are doing to help underprivileged children: food, clothing, toiletries, eye glasses and exams, backpacks, school supplies, the list goes on! This is an organization that strengthens belief in humanity. Their newsletter is named the 100% Effect for a reason, It's the real deal. 100% of every donation goes directly to children in need. This charity is run by volunteers, no one collects a paycheck or a monetary gift. No one. This is a great charity doing really great things.

Ntomasso – Donor

The Sojihuggles Children's Foundation is a wonderful somewhat new foundation which I find to be very refreshing here in Sussex County. As first a volunteer and then an Advisory Board Member I am delighted that Sojihuggles is helping to address the unmet needs of children. The group is highly motivated and enthusiastic in what they do. They are driven and purposeful in their mission and bring a wonderful inspiring meaning to the word volunteer.

JoPi – Volunteer

I am both a donor and a volunteer. Sojihuggles Children's Foundation is unique for a number of reasons. It serves the local population (Sussex County), collaborates with other groups who are helping children (Diaper Drive), tries not to duplicate what is readily available (Birthday Party Bags) and actively looks for the unmet needs of children and finds and funds ways to help by working with school nurses and locally based agencies in a number of communities. It will always be evolving so as the needs change so will the focus of the foundation.

It is gratifying and exciting to be involved. And I am proud to be a part of a 100% volunteer group that gives 100% of its funds to those children in need in our communities.

Lynnepi45 – Volunteer

I am both a donor and a volunteer with Sojihuggles Children's Foundation. Everyone is a volunteer. All the money that comes in, goes directly to support children in need. Personally, I like knowing that ALL of my donation is going to the cause and not paying staff salary or a bonus for an executive. Sojihuggles is making a big impact in the lives of many underprivileged children. It makes me feel good, and I'm also proud, to be part of such a worthwhile cause.

Flowerlady – Donor/Volunteer

Although the organization is new they have made great strides in helping the community already. The Mission is very important to our part of the state and it is shocking that kids in the US are starving or without bare necessities like pajamas or shoes. My children and I have volunteered with this organization a few times now and are mostly impressed by the transparency on every level to the public. Not one cent goes unaccounted for and funds go to where the true need is. It is volunteer based at the moment. The Founder and Board is hardworking, and extremely organized. Every activity and fundraising effort is well thought out and well executed. I would not hesitate to give of my time or my funds to Sojihuggles. Sometimes the smallest groups can make the biggest difference. I wish them well and continued success in reaching their goals.

Losan1996 – Volunteer